Process Controllers Programmable for Rack I-8411-G


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Part number:I-8411-G
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Rack mount embedded controller: 256/512K flash, 256/512K SRAM, 40MHz CPU, MiniOS7 Operating System. Available in 4 & 8 slot capacity (4 x slot: 512k / 512k).

The I-8411/I-8811 are serial embedded controller with 4/8 I/O slots. Both are equipped with MiniOS7,an embedded OS similar to DOS that is developed by ICPDAS Co., LTD.

The MiniOS7 can boot up in a very short time (0.4 ~ 0.8 second).It has built-in hardware diagnostic function, and supports the full functions to access all 8K and 87K series I/O modules, such as DI, DO, DIO, AI, AO, Counter/Frequency, motion modules etc.

The I-8411/I-8811 back plane is equipped four serial COM Port, they include RS-232 and RS-485 ports and can be used in remote data acquisition and control applications, including environment monitoring, power management and factory automation. By using S-256 (256 KBytes) or S-512 (512 KBytes)battery backup SRAM, they provide data logger storage function.

  • Localized, high speed paralell backplane.
  • Equipped with MiniOS7 (ROM-DOS like OS).
  • Supports IPv4.
  • Provides full C library functions for: I-8000, I-87K I/O, 7-segment LED display, RTC (real time clock), EEPROM, and more!
  • Firmware can be updated via the RS-232 port.
  • Supports "VxComm" capabilities for all COM ports (RS-232 and RS-485).
  • Provides a hardware serial number or an ASICKey to protect designated systems.
  • Compact I/O Expansion slots allow quick installation of I/O modules.
  • Built-in watchdog circuit.
  • Dual Bus designed to support I-8000 & I-87K series I/O modules.
  • Advanced CAN compatibility with I-8421.

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