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8 channel PWM Output and 8 channel Isolated Digital Input Module

PWM (Pulse width modulation) is a powerful technique for controlling analog circuits. It uses digital outputs to generate a waveform with variant duty cycle and frequency to control analog circuits. I-8088W has 8 PWM output channels and 8 digital inputs. It can be used to develop powerful and cost effective analog control system.

  • Automatic generation of PWM outputs by hardware, without software intervention.
  • 10 Hz ~ 500 kHz (non-continuous) PWM output frequency with 0.1%~99.9% duty cycle
  • Software and hardware trigger mode for PWM output
  • Individual and synchronous PWM output
  • Using software trigger mode, you can set configuration for all PWM channels then trigger them one by one or all of them at the same time.
  • Burst mode PWM operation for standby
  • DI channel can be configured as simple digital input channel or hardware trigger source of the PWM output.
  • Controlling the position/speed of motors
  • Dimming the brightness of lamps
  • Controlling the speed of fans

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