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Part number:I-7530-FT
Intelligent RS-232 to CAN low speed fault tolerant converter

I-7530-FT is a RS-232/CAN low speed fault tolerant converter and can accurately convert messages between CAN and RS-232 communication media. It can resist more noise in harsh environment, and even access CAN messages with single line of CAN bus. In order to use the CAN network with traditional programmable RS-232 devices, we provide an easy way to achieve this purpose by several of user function call. It can be used in the application of CAN bus monitoring, building automation, remote data acquisition, environment control and monitoring, laboratory equipment & research, factory automation, etc.

  • Microprocessor inside with 20MHz
  • Built-in CAN/RS-232 converter firmware
  • Fully compatible with ISO 11898-3 standard
  • Max transmission speed up to 125 kbps for CAN and 115.2 kbps for RS-232
  • Support both CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B
  • Built-in RS-232/CAN FIFO buffers
  • Power, data flow and error indicator for CAN and RS-232
  • Hardware watchdog design

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