Converters-Interfaces CAN-DeviceNet I-7231D


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Part number:I-7231D
CANopen/DCON converter

The I-7231D is specially designed for the slave device of CANopen protocol. It follows the CANopen Spec DS-301 V4.02 and DSP-401 V2.1, and supplies many features for users, such as dynamic PDO, EMCY object, error output value, SYNC cyclic and acyclic … etc. The I-7231D supports up to 15 DCON modules for I/O expansion and suits with a lot of ICP DAS DI/AI/DO/AO modules. User can choose DI/DO/AI/AO modules of I-7K/I-87K series to fit the customized practice applications. In addition, we also provide I-7231D Utility to allow users to create the EDS file dynamically

  • NMT: Slave
  • Error Control: Node Guarding/Heartbeat Producer
  • No. of SDOs: 1 Server, 0 Client
  • No. of PDOs: default 4 TxPDO and RxPDO
  • PDO Modes: Event Triggered, Remotely requested, Cyclic and Acyclic SYNC
  • Emergency Message: available
  • CANopen Version: DS-301 v4.02
  • Device Profile: DSP-401 v2.1
  • Produce EDS file Dynamically
  • Run, ERR, and Overrun indicator
  • Support Max 15 I-7K/I-87K series modules
  • CAN Baud Rate setting by utility: 10K, 20K, 50K,
  • 125K, 250K, 500K, 800K, 1M bps
  • 7-segmemt LED to show Node ID, CAN baud rate and RS-485 baud rate

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