HPT System-3.1
HPT System-3.1
HPT System-3.1

HPT System-3.1

Price: $739.00

Part number:HPT System-3.1
The Heat Penetration Testing Data Logger System offers a comprehensive solution for internal temperature monitoring in food packaging

  • Includes HiTemp140-CF Data Logger, ThermaLock , and CF202
  • Ensures accurate detection of cold spots and uniform heat distribution
  • Ideal for quality assurance in food safety

The HPT System Includes:

  • (1) HiTemp140-CF: Threaded High-Temperature Data Logger
  • (1) ThermaLock: Thermowell for use with cans and bottles
  • (1) CF202: Canning Fitting for use with pouches and recart packaging

The HPT System provides an all-encompassing solution for monitoring the internal temperatures of canned and packaged foods during processing. This system not only facilitates heat penetration testing but also ensures detailed temperature distribution monitoring, which is crucial for detecting cold spots and maintaining uniform heat distribution. Experience ultimate flexibility with the option to use the HiTemp140-CF with either the ThermaLock or CF202. For applications with canning or bottles with liquid, the ThermaLock thermowell creates a hermetic seal to avoid spillage. Alternatively, the CF202 can be used for dry goods including foods packaged in recart packaging or pouches.

The HPT System is the ideal solution for temperature monitoring in various food packaging formats, ensuring adherence to food safety standards and quality assurance.

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