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Part number:GW-7557
Profibus to Hart Gateway

The GW-7557 Gateway is specially designed for the slave device of PROFIBUS DP protocol. It allows the PROFIBUS master to access the HART slave devices. These HART slave devices may be a transmitter, an actuator, a current output device and so forth. In addition, we also provide the utility software for users to configure the GW-7557. By using this module, users can put their HART slave devices into PROFIBUS network very easily.

  • Protocol & Hierarchy: DP-V0 Slave
  • Detect transmission rate (9.6 ~ 12000 kbps) automatically
  • Max transmission speed up to 12 Mbps for PROFIBUS and 115.2 kbps for COM Port
  • Max I/O Data Length : 240/240 Bytes
  • Support 4 HART Channels
  • Support HART Short/Long frame
  • Support HART Burst mode
  • Allow two HART Masters
  • Working in point-to-point or multi-drop HART mode
  • Connecting up to 15 HART modules
  • Network Isolation Protection: High Speed iCoupler
  • 3000 VDC isolation protection on PROFIBUS side
  • 4 kV ESD Protection

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