FR-Net Communication FR-2053T


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Part number:FR-2053T
FRnet DAQ module with 16 isolated digital input module with 20-pin Removable Terminal Block. Plastic case. DIN-Rail mounting. Input Voltage Range 10 ~ 30 Vdc

FR-2053 provides a 16 channel isolated photo-coupler digital input in the FRnet. I/O data transmission is controlled by the FRnet control chip (developed by ICPDAS). It was designed to provide deterministic high speed network communication. Anti-noise circuitry has been built into the FRnet control chip to ensure communication reliability.

FRnet is an innovative industrial field bus offering high-speed deterministic I/O control, real I/O synchronization capabilities, non-protocol communication, and easy programming. The ICP DAS FRnet line of products offers bleeding edge technology for high speed data acquisition applications! FR-2053 is an Isolated Digital Output Distributed I/O Module with 16 ports.

  • High transmission reliability
  • Simple synchronization mechanism
  • DIN-Rail mountable
  • No software overhead on protocol
  • Isochronous DI/DO processing
  • Supporting broadcasting (1:n data transmission)
  • Recommended power source: LP1050D-24SDA & LP1050D-24SDA

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