Compact HMI FBs-BPEP


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Part number:FBS-BPEP
OLED display with matrix of white light points and 6 keys to visualize and change the variables of the PLC series FBs. Multi-lingual character display. Assembly on the PLC

FBs-BPEP is originally designed as a cost effective and compact HMI device which can be mounted directly on the CPU module and mainly used for simple parameter entry and monitoring applications. Besides the main feature of data entry function, it also provides the alarm function. The operation design of BPEP is based on the multi-level menu driven methodology. With this method, the operation of parameter entry can be very intuitive if the whole operations were carefully categorized into different menu levels. The BPEP utilizes the dot matrix OLED display which makes it highly visible and can be shown patterns and characters other than English. The programming of user menu for BPEP is by using the accompany utility – PEP Designer. With this utility, the user can design and simulate the menu design before actually download it to the BPEP.

  • Hierarchical menu driven entry design
  • Alarm function
  • Customized start up screen
  • Two-Level password protection
  • Configurable screen saver
  • Multi-lingual character display
  • Menu with hint
  • On-line/Off-line design simulation

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