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Ethernet-based DAQ device with 8 analog inputs/ 250 kS/s sample rate/ 2 analog outputs/ one 32-bit counter input/ and 8 digital I/O. Includes network cable/ power adapter/ and software CD.

The E-1608 features a high-speed Ethernet interface that provides continuous real-time data transfers. The device offers four differential or eight single-ended analog inputs, and two analog outputs – all with 16-bit resolution. With eight digital I/O and one counter input, the E-1608 is a low-cost, high-performance multifunction I/O DAQ device.

Ethernet Interface: The E-1608 has a built-in 10/100 BASE-T auto-negotiation, high-speed communication port. The networking protocols are TCP/IP and UDP. Once connected to the network, the device can be remotely accessed and configured through software from anywhere on the network. Only one user at a time can access the E-1608. Software is required to actively communicate with the E-1608 over Ethernet. The device does not operate as a standalone data logger.

Analog Input: The E-1608 provides 16-bit analog inputs that are software-selectable as four DIFF or eight SE inputs. The device supports input ranges of ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2 V, and ±1 V that are software-selectable per channel

Analog Output: The E-1608 has two 16-bit, software-paced analog outputs that can be updated at a rate of 500 S/s. The output range is fixed at ±10 V.

The E-1608 is compatible with both TCP/IP (IPv4 only) and user datagram protocol (UDP) network protocols. The E-1608 provides the following features:
  • Four differential (DIFF) or eight single-ended (SE) analog input channels (16-bit)
  • Sample rates up to 250 kS/s aggregate
  • Two analog output channels (16-bit)
  • Eight individually-configurable digital I/O channels
  • One counter channel (32-bit) that counts TTL pulses
  • Screw terminals for field wiring connections

The E-1608 is powered by a 5 volt power adapter.

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