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Part number:DNA-DIO-449
The DNA-DIO-449 is designed for use in “Cube” I/O chassis while the DNR-DIO-449 is for use in the RACKtangle™ chassis

The DNA/DNR-DIO-449 are 48 channel, high performance AC and DC digital input boards designed for use in a wide variety of digital monitoring applications. The DNA- and DNR-DIO-449 are compatible with UEI’s popular “Cube” and RACKtangle I/O chassis respectively. The board’s inputs are divided into two, 24-bit ports, each of which presents its data in a 24-bit read. This simplifies programming and maximizes throughput. The board reads all 48 bits at sustained rates in excess of 1 kS/second. Automatic Chang

  • 0 -150 VDC / 150 VAC input range
  • Sample rate of 1 kS/sec
  • Programmable input transition levels & hysteresis
  • Change of state detection with 200 µS accuracy
  • 350 VAC isolation
  • Monitors contacts without external components
  • Programmable debounce intervals

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