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Datalogger IP65 multistandard input/ Pulses input

The DL series is a family of single channel data loggers housed in a rugged IP68 enclosure for installation and operation in harsh environments.
DL data loggers acquire and record current, voltage and impulse signals from sensors and transducers of various types.
Equipped with a long-life battery and LEDs that indicate the operating status, the DL data loggers allow the personalization of the memorization parameters and the download of the data recorded by the PC.
Among the most common applications, data from CO2 sensors, temperature, conditioned environments, pressure, flow, level, energy consumption, battery charge status, etc. are recorded and monitored.

IP65 MULTI-STANDARD INPUT DATALOGGERS. A count input data logger that is supplied un-cased so that it can be built into custom applications. Common applications include flow rate and quantity monitoring. The device is sold with two supplied cables: one for programming via RS232 port (DB9F) and the second for the signal input (with two wires).

  • Battery operation
  • Recording any input mV, Volt, mA, pulses
  • 64 thousand cycles of reading
  • 2 programmable alarms
  • Programmable sampling interval
  • IP65 case
  • Configuration and download of data by software

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