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24 Channel OPTO-22 Compatible Power Relay Board (24V)

The DB-24PR/DB-24PRD is a 24-channel power relay output board which consists of 8 Form C and 16 Form A electromechanical relays for efficient load switching. The contact rating of each relay is 5 A at 250 VAC or 5 A at 30 VDC. These relays can be switched to ON by applying a 5 V signal from an I/O Card in the PC to the appropriate relay channels. The DB-24PR/DB-24PRD daughter board contains a single 50-pin OPTO-22 compatible connector, and a single 37-pin D-sub connector or a single 20-pin flat cable connector. The 24 onboard LEDs indicate the output status of the relays, illuminating when their associated relay is activated. To avoid overloading your PC’s power supply, this board requires either a +12 VDC or a +24 VDC external power supply.

  • 8 Form C relays (SPDT) and 16 Form A relays
  • DB-24PR: Accepts a 50-pin connector to control 8 Form C and 16 Form A relays or accept a 20-pin connector to control 8 Form C and 8 Form A relays
  • DB-24PRD: Accepts a 37-pin connector and a 50-pin connector to control 8 Form C and 16 Form A relays
  • Switch up to 5 A at 250 VAC/5 A at 30 VDC
  • LED-indicated relay status
  • Includes a varistor to protect each channel against high voltage spike
  • Screw terminals for easy field wiring

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