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Part number:CTL2000
NOTE: Discontinued product, Recommended product: RFOT

Carcass Temperature Data Logger with Eight Thermocouple (not included) Channels 

MadgeTech’s redesigned CTL2000 Carcass Temperature data logger is a rugged, one of a kind solution for temperature monitoring during carcass pasteurization cycles. Equipped with eight thermocouple ports, the CTL2000 monitors and records the temperatures of various sections of the carcass during pasteurization, providing a continuous and accurate temperature profile to verify and validate that harmful microorganisms are effectively depleted.

The durable enclosure is drop tested and designed to survive the elements of the slaughter environment. The top of the enclosure is made of food grade stainless steel with an industrial quality custom machined base that skirts the thermocouple ports to guard against debris infiltration and harsh wash down cycles. The quality materials and form factor options were chosen using sanitary standards and guidelines, and made with materials certified for direct food contact as described by NSF-51.

Measuring only eight inches in length and weighing only three pounds, the CTL2000 is easy to handle and hangs securely from the carcass by a single stainless steel hook. This device is capable of withstanding temperatures from -20 °C to 100 °C (-4 °F to +212 °F), allowing it to monitor the entire pasteurization process.

Each channel of the CTL2000 can store up to 129,024 readings which aids in the logging of multiples cycles. Reading rate capabilities range from as fast as four readings per second or as infrequently as one reading every 24 hours. The CTL2000 operates on user replaceable batteries and features a pushbutton start option directly on the device. Delayed start is user programmable from within the MadgeTech Software for up to six months in advance.

The MadgeTech software offers a wealth of data display and reporting options to easily analyze the results of each cycle and provide verification for USDA regulation compliance.

Include NIST certificate.

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