Data Logger Intern Temperature Sensor CRYO-TEMP


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Ultra low temperature data recorder/ records temperatures as low as -86°C. It utilizes a USB docking station to communicate with a personal computer sold separately.

Ultra-low temperature data recorder, records temperatures as low as –86 °C. The Cryo-Temp can be used in a broad line of applications such as monitoring blood plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods and shipping containers. This standalone device does not require any additional probes. The enclosure is designed with a built in handle for easy attachment and is IP64 splash resistant. It utilizes a USB docking station (sold separately), to communicate with a desktop PC or laptop.

The Cryo-Temp provides date and time stamped temperature readings and uses the MadgeTech Data Logging Software. High and low alarm thresholds can be configured in the MadgeTech software to warn users if safe limits are exceeded. The Cryo-Temp is equipped with three LED lights to visually indicate when the logger is recording or if temperature thresholds are in danger of being exceeded or have been breached.

The Cryo-Temp is the ideal temperature monitoring solution for any application involving ultra-low temperature recording.

  • Ultra-Low Operating Temperature (-86 °C).
  • Direct Contact with Dry Ice.
  • No External Probes or Wiring.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Programmable Alarm and Warn Ranges with Alarm Delay.
  • LED Status Indicators for Instant Alarm Notification.
  • Magnetic Start.
  • Optional Password Protection.
  • Splash Resistant (IP64).
  • CE Compliant.

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