AquaFi Water Meter
AquaFi Water Meter

AquaFi Water Meter

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Ethernet 10/100M to fiber 100M converter, SC Connector, single-mode, dual fiber, Optic Port transmission: 20Km, with external 5Vdc power supply

“AquaFi” is an easy solution for monitoring the water consumption and managing it.

Combining a multijet water meter and strong data concentrator with Wi-Fi interface, “AquaFi” is a perfect solution for wireless utility management, Sub metering and consumption monitoring.

Operating on 2 x AA batteries for over 6 years and benefiting from a large internal memory, “AquaFi” records cumulative value of water consumption on hourly basis and as a “consumption profiler” provides hi-resolution data with or without constant Wi-Fi coverage. Its internal memory is capable of storing up to 22 months of hourly records without Wi-Fi coverage and sync them with the cloud automatically as soon as Wi-Fi is available.

“AquaFi” can be used for both hot and cold water metering. Being made of plastic eliminates the risk of contamination of drinking water with any metallic substance. Syncing data with EEMS web-based application, “AquaFi” presents possibilities like profiling the consumption based on hours of day, automatic calculation of the cost for any report interval, visualizing the consumption on hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis for easier comparison and understanding the changes in consumption trends. “AquaFi” also can push email notifications if its algorithm detects a possible water leakage based on residential consumption.

  • Weight 87 g
  • Dimension 81 × 81 × 93 mm
  • Water metering, Sub metering, Utility management, Sub billing
  • Gardening, Indoor agriculture, Agricultural products cost and environmental impact management and documentation
  • Energy assessment
  • Irrigation
  • Live stock management

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