EZ Data Logger AD-EZ-SW


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Part number:AD-EZ-SW
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Acquisition and data registration software for advanced applications of 1024 Tags, includes 3 licenses to register it in 3 computers. It can be applied to remote I / O systems. With its friendly interface users can make a data acquisition program easily and quickly without any programming skills.

  • Supports DCON, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP protocols
  • Supports multiple COM Ports ports and TCP / IP connections
  • Supports virtual channel definition
  • (Maximum of 256 Channels for the free version)
  • The User can operate the data in the virtual channel by means of tag names easily. For example: VC3 = (AI_2 + AI_3) / 2
  • Supports Control Logic
  • (VB Script) The user can edit the script to configure the output values ??in virtual channels. You can obtain / configure the channel values ??by the channel tag names. For example: If AI_2> 50 Then DO_3 = 1
  • Flexible module configuration. Each module and I / O point can have different description and color.
  • Flexible configuration of work group. Each channel can be assigned to any work group.
  • Data trend in real time (with zoom in and zoom out)
  • Each trend line can store more than 86400 records.
  • Layout view
  • The user can retain images and drag-drop I / O points.
  • Supports access to the database
  • The database can also be exported to Excel file or CVS file
  • Report
  • You can print the trend line or data from the database
  • High / Low alarm with audio caution
  • Each AI channel can have its own high / low limitation. Once the AI ??value passes the high or low limit, the alarm light will be triggered with audio. The alarm status will keep a warning until users turn off the alarm light.
  • Look for DCON modules and M7000 serial modules
  • For DCON, 7000, 87K, 8000 modules.
  • For Modbus RTU modules, the M7000 serial modules can be searched and the gain and offset set automatically.
  • Scale of value
  • Set the gain and the offset can scale analog values ??of units of volts or amps in another physical unit of measurement.
  • Includes calculation function (given 2 points to calculate the gain and offset).
  • For example: rpm for rotation, kg for weight.
  • No need for programming skills
  • The whole operation is done to click the mouse and enter a value.
    • Module Supported:
      • DCON modules (Series I-7000, I-87K, I-8000)
      • Remote I / O module I-7000
      • Main Control Unit I-8000
      • 8K and 87K I / O modules
    • Modbus / TCP
      • I-8000E-MTCP
      • I-8000E-MTCP
      • ET-6000
      • ISaGRAF controllers (I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG, I-7188XG, Wincon-8x37)
      • 7188E-MTCP
    • Modbus / RTU
      • Series M-7000
      • Devices with Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP protocols
    • Limitation:
      • Up to 32 channels for each work group
      • A Modbus device to activate other modbus drivers

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