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IEEE 488.2 Controller Chip-44 Pin TQFP RoHS Compliant.

The 7210-TQFP-R is a 44-pin DIP drop-in replacement part for the NEC µPD7210. The 7210-TQFP-R is 100% register-compatible and pincompatible with the NEC µPD7210 on power up. The 7210- TQFP-R performs all of the interface functions defined by the ANSI/IEEE Standard 488.1-1987, and it meets the additional requirements and recommendations of ANSI/IEEE Standard 488.2-1987. The 7210-TQFP-R performs complete IEEE 488 talker, listener, and controller functions.

On power up, the 7210-TQFP-R contains the complete register set of the NEC µPD7210, but can perform complete IEEE 488.2 controller functions through software. If you are an instrument developer, you can take advantage of IEEE 488.2 with minimal software modifications, yet keep the 44-pin hardware configuration. The default clock input is 8 MHz, but increased performance is available from the 7210- TQFP-R through software-selectable input values up to 20 MHz.

If you are an IEEE 488 instrument manufacturer looking for alternatives to existing NEC µPD7210 chip suppliers or planning to upgrade your designs to IEEE 488.2 without hardware changes, consider using the 7210-TQFP-R. Because the 7210-TQFP-R accepts faster clock inputs, performance increases without many firmware changes.

  • Cumple con RoHS.
  • Pin compatible con NEC µPD7210.
  • Software compatible con NEC µPD7210.
  • Bajo consumo de energía.
  • Cumple con todos los requisitos de IEEE 488.2:
    • Monitoring Monitorización de línea de bus.
    • Implementation Implementación preferida del servicio solicitante.
    • No envía mensajes cuando no hay oyentes.
  • Realiza todas las funciones de interfaz IEEE 488.1 SH1, AH1, T5 o TE5, L3 o LE3, SR1, RL1, PP1, PP2, DC1, DT1, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5.
  • Reduce los gastos generales del conductor.

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