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8-channel solid state I/O module rack for PCI-DAS6000 series boards.

The 6K-SSR-RACK08 communicates the 8-bit digital I/O (DIO0 to DIO7) of any PCI-DAS6000 card to the OAC/ODC/IAC/IDC -05 series industry standard modules. This allows PCI-DAS6000 cards to directly control and monitor AC voltages of up to 280 VAC and DC voltages of up to 200VDC. The card is divided into two sections of 4 channels that can be configured directly with inputs or outputs.

The 6K-SSR-RACK08 connects directly to your PCI-DAS6000 series card using either the C100HD50-x serial cable or the C100MMS-x. The card's parallel/daisy chain connectors allow you to connect directly to your screw terminal or your BNC connection with another standard cable.

All connections are made in standard screw terminals. They are compatible with 12 and 22 gauge AWG cables. The 6K-SSR-RACK08 is powered directly through the PCI-DAS6000 series cable and does not require external power. However, an external 9 volt source can be used if preferred.

  • Communicate PCI-DAS6000 series cards with 8 solid state relays.
  • Use modules with industrial standards.
  • Supports input and output modules.
  • Simple connection to PCI-DAS6000 card.
  • The relays are sold separately.

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