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Part number:687U
VersaCom Serial Interface Adapter RJ45 USB to RS-232 or RS-485 with 8 serial ports

  • The SeaI/O-687U easily adds eight RS-232 or RS-485 serial ports to a Relio R1000, SeaPAC industrial touchscreen computer, stack of SeaI/O modules, or anywhere serial devices need to be connected via an available USB port. With the unique VersaCom multi-interface connector design, both RS-232 and two-wire RS-485 signals are always present and active on the RJ45 serial connectors. Simply select the appropriate pin out for RS-232 or two-wire RS-485 on each individual port. There are no internal jumpers or switches to set, so field installation and service is easy.

  • The serial ports appear as standard COM ports to the host system enabling compatibility with legacy software. The SeaI/O-687U supports data rates to 921.6K bps and is designed with a state-machine architecture that greatly reduces the host CPU overhead when communicating over multiple ports simultaneously. Status LEDs display transmit and receive data activity.

  • The SeaI/O-687U is powered from your 9-30VDC source, or select from a variety of Sealevel power supply options. For conveniently powering serial peripherals, the supplied power is fused and connected to pin 5 on each of the RJ45 serial connectors. A high-retention USB type B connector helps to prevent accidental disconnection of the USB cable.

  • To further simplify connecting to Sealevel VersaCom RJ45 serial connectors, we offer a number of accessories including RJ45 modular adapters. With these helpful adapters you can easily connect to serial ports on virtually any PLC or peripheral regardless of the serial connector type or gender. For more information please browse our full line of adapters and converters.

  • An RS-485 pass-through connector on the side of the SeaI/O-687U provides additional I/O expansion using SeaI/O N-series expansion modules. Increase your I/O network with up to 246 additional SeaI/O expansion modules, available with Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, TTL interfaces, A/D and D/A functionality.

  • Features:
    • Compliant with RoHS and WEEE directives
    • Utilizes high speed UARTs with 128-byte Tx FIFOs and 384-byte Rx FIFOs
    • Provides 8 RJ45 serial ports with Tx/Rx status LEDs
    • Integrates transmit and receive LED indicators on each port
    • VersaCom design allows RS-232 or two-wire RS-485 selection via cabling on each individual port
    • High-retention USB type B connector prevents accidental disconnection of USB cable
    • Input power via terminal block or barrel connector
    • Includes 72 USB A to B cable (Item# CA179)

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