USB card USB-1208HS


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Part number:6069-410-105
USB card with 8 high speed analog inputs / sampling frequency of 1MS / s / 16 digital I / O and power from the USB port

Module with 13-bit high-speed analog inputs, 1 MS / s.
The USB-1208HS is a multifunctional, high-speed device for measurement and control, supported by Microsoft® Windows® operating systems.
The USB-1208HS has 8 analog inputs to ground reference or four differentials, of 13 bits, with a sampling rate of 1 MS / s. The available input ranges are ± 10 V, ± 5 V, ± 2.5 V or from 0 to 10 V when in single-terminal mode. In the differential mode, the ranges are ± 20 V, ± 10 V, or ± 5 V.
A digital trigger allows you to start your digital input or output conversions.
The USB-1208HS also includes two 32-bit counters, which can count TTL pulses and a 32-bit PWM output.
The USB-1208HS is powered by 5 volts of the USB port of the computer and does not require external power. All I / O connections are made through the screw terminals located on each side of the device.
The software included with the USB-1208HS is extensive, including the TracerDAQ®, a complete application for recording, viewing and analyzing data; contains the Universal Library programming libraries and drivers for most Windows-based programming languages; Universal library for LabVIEW ™, VIs and examples of programs for LabVIEW; InstaCal installation, calibration and testing; Support for DASYLab®: software for the acquisition of data based on icons, graphics, control and analysis.

  • Up to 8 analog inputs.
  • 13 bit resolution.
  • Sample rates up to 1 MS / s.
  • Up to 4 analog outputs.
  • 16 digital I / O lines.
  • Two 32-bit counters
  • A timer result.
  • Powered by a USB bus.
    • Supported operating systems:
      • Windows® 10/8/7 / Vista®XP, 32/64 bits.
      • Linux®.
      • Android ™.
      • Driver for DASYLab® and NI LabVIEW
      • Tracer DAQ® Software included for data acquisition and visualization as well as signal generation
      • InstaCal utility for installation, calibration and testing.
      • Toolbox for data acquisition of Supported by MATLAB®
      • Universal Library includes support for Visual Studio® and Visual Studio® .NET, includes examples for Visual C ++®, Visual C # ®,Visual Basic®, and Visual Basic® .NET

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