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NOTE: Not recommended for new applications. Please consider the USB-2600 Series instead USB-2600

OEM USB DAQ with 8 diff. (four can accept thermocouples) or 16 SE analog inputs, 16-bits resolution, 1 MS/s, 24 digital I/O, 2 timer outputs, and four 32-bit counters. One 68-pin connector provides access to I/O signals

The IOtech DaqBoard/3000USB USB 2.0 series offers high-speed multifunction data acquisition in a low-cost design on a single card. A unique feature of the DaqBoard/3000USB series is its low-latency, highly deterministic set-point control output mode that operates independently of the PC. In this mode, digital, analog outputs (analog outputs only available on DaqBoard/3001USB and DaqBoard/3031USB models), and timer outputs can respond to analog, digital, and counter inputs in as little as 2 ┬Ás, at least 1,000 times faster than other products that rely on the PC for decision-making.
The DaqBoard/3000USB series features a 16-bit, 1 MHz A/D converter coupled with either 16 single-ended analog inputs or 8 differential analog inputs (DaqBoard/3001USB and DaqBoard/3005USB models), or 64 single-ended analog inputs or 32 differential analog inputs (only available on the DaqBoard/3031USB model). Four of the analog inputs can be configured as differential thermocouple inputs (on all models). Each channel can be software-configured for a different voltage range, as well as for single-ended or differential bipolar input or thermocouple input (up to four channels). Although all DaqBoard analog input ranges come factory-calibrated, the DaqBoard also allows user calibration through a separate program called DaqCal. This software stores calibration results in separate tables from factory calibration.
The DaqBoard/3000USB series includes 24 TTL-level digital I/O lines. The digital I/O can be programmed in 8-bit groups as inputs or outputs and can be read in various modes. The DaqBoard/3000USB series incorporates four 32-bit counters, each of the four counters accepting frequency inputs of up to 20 MHz, and each counter channel can be configured in various modes such as counter, period, pulse width, time between edges, or quadrature multi-axis encoder. All analog, digital, and counter inputs can be asynchronously read under program control or synchronously as part of an analog and digital scan group.
The DaqBoard/3001USB and DaqBoard/3031USB models include four 16-bit, 1 MHz analog output channels. Each D/A output can continuously emit a waveform that can be read from the PC's RAM or from a file on the hard drive. Alternatively, a program can asynchronously output a value to any of the D/As for non-waveform applications. The DaqBoard/3000USB series can use two of its 8-bit ports to generate a 16-bit digital pattern at a frequency of up to 1 MHz, and its hardware also includes two 16-bit timer outputs.

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