AI-EXP32 - Multiplexer-based channel expansion module


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Part number:6069-410-026
Expansion module with 32 analog inputs (V/TC) and 16 digital inputs for USB-2416 and USB-2416-4AO cards.

Expansion module to double the analog inputs of the USB-2416 and USB-2416-4AO measuring and control devices. It provides 32 analog inputs of common terminal or 16 differentials with aggregation performance of 1 kS/s. Each channel can be individually configured as a common or differential terminal input. They offer 9 software selectable analog input ranges (+/- 20V, +/- 10V, +/- 5V, +/- 2.5V, +/- 1.25V, +/- 0.625V, +/- 0.312V, + /-0.156V, +/- 0.078V)

The analog inputs can be configured as thermocouple inputs (up to 16 differentials). In thermocouple mode this module includes integrated cold junction compensation and open thermocouple detection. It also offers up to 16 additional digital I/O lines. Each digital I/O line can be used as input or output.

Four removable screw terminal block banks provide connectivity to analog input channels and digital I/O lines. This module connects to the USB-2416 and USB-2416-4AO modules through the 37-pin expansion connector. It supports all the analog/thermocouple and digital I/O input features of the USB-2416 series modules to which it connects. It is powered from the USB-2416 module.

Hardware accessories included:
Metal connection plate and four flat head screws to secure both modules together when connected directly via expansion connectors.

  • Each channel is configurable for voltage or thermocouple
  • 32 common or 16 differential terminal analog inputs
  • Support for the 9 programmable input ranges of the USB-2416 from +/- 0.078V to +/- 20V
  • 16 digital I/O inputs

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