USB-based multifunction DAQ device USB-2416-4AO


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USB-based 24-bit, isolated, high-channel-count multifunction DAQ device with 4 analog output

The USB-2416 Series offers exceptional performance and accuracy for voltage and temperature measurements. Designed for the USB bus, each device provides up to 32 analog input channels with 24-bit resolution, 8 digital I/O and two counter inputs. The USB-2416-4AO also features four analog outputs. Connect to the AI-EXP32 expansion device for an additional 32 channels of analog input and 16 digital I/O lines. Analog inputs are user-configurable for voltage or thermocouple input on a perchannel basis.

Analog Input
Each device provides 32 SE/16 DIFF analog inputs, expandable to 64 SE/32 DIFF. Software-selectable voltage input ranges are configurable per-channel. USB-2416 Series devices can sample analog input channels at up to 1 kS/s. Open thermocouple detection is automatically enabled for thermocouple measurements.

Analog Output (USB-2416-4AO Only)
The USB-2416-4AO provides four 16-bit analog outputs with a ±10 V output range. The analog outputs can be updated at a maximum rate of 1 kS/s (systemdependent).

Digital I/O
USB-2416 Series devices provide eight digital I/O lines with read/write rates of 500 port or single bit reads per second. Each DIO channel is an open-drain. Digital outputs can sink up to 150 mA for direct drive applications. The maximum sink current is 150 mA per eight-channel bank, or if all eight channels are used, 18 mA (maximum) per channel.

Counter Input
Each device has two 32-bit event counters that accept frequency inputs up to 1 MHz. The internal counter increments when the TTL levels transition from low to high.

Channel Expansion with the AI-EXP32
The AI-EXP32 expansion device provides an additional 32 SE/16 DIFF analog inputs and 16 DIO lines. The AI-EXP32 supports all analog/thermocouple input and digital I/O features of the USB-2416 Series devices to which it is connected. The USB-2416 Series docks directly to the AI-EXP32 with an expansion connector on each device (see page 5). No additional cable is required. Refer to the hardware user’s guide for detailed information. The AI-EXP32 receives power from the connected USB-2416 Series device.

  • Measure thermocouples or voltage
  • 32 analog inputs, expandable to 64
  • 24-bit resolution
  • 1 kS/s sampling
  • 4 analog outputs (USB-2416-4AO only)
  • 8 digital I/O, expandable to 24
  • Two counters
  • Regulated power supply included
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 10/8/7/Vista®XP 32/64-bit

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