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Ethernet Modbus TCP to 32 Isolated Dry-Contact Inputs, with PoE (802.3af)

Control and monitor 32 isolated, dry contact inputs via any 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection with the SeaI/O-580PoE. The inputs detect a contact closure between two externally wired field contact points. The dry contact (no-voltage) inputs are ideal for monitoring applications such as alarm contacts, HVAC controls, demux boards, sensing relay contacts, and other control system inputs.

I/O connections are made using convenient 3.5mm field removable screw terminal connectors. Field wiring is simplified since no external power is required to trigger the inputs.

The SeaI/O-580PoE is a Class 0 (IEEE 802.3af-2003) Power over Ethernet device. Power and data are transferred over a single CAT5 cable, which completely eliminates the need for externally powering the module or I/O. Power from the Ethernet link is converted to 24 VDC and made available to the RS-485 pass-through connector for powering additional SeaI/O expansion modules.

Communicate with the SeaI/O-580PoE using industry-standard Modbus TCP protocol or use the Sealevel SeaMAX API software libraries from your application program. Sealevel’s SeaMAX software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

The Sealevel Modbus Connect app for iOS allows you to access the registers, coils and discrete I/O of your Sealevel Modbus devices and is available on the App Store. Use the app to remotely access I/O in the field or for testing and troubleshooting during application development.

Expand your I/O network with SeaI/O N-series products. SeaI/O modules are available with Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, TTL interfaces, A/D and D/A functionality. Additional expansion modules can be added using convenient pass-through connectors.

Get a jump start on your digital I/O development with The Digital I/O Handbook that will provide helpful information that you will use again and again. Check out Chapter 1 for an overview of logic principles.

  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Modbus TCP interface, with PoE (802.3af)
  • 32 optically isolated, dry contact inputs
  • Removable 3.5 mm screw terminals simplify field wiring
  • PoE version allows power and data over a single CAT5 cable, eliminating the need for an external power supply
  • Status indicator LEDs for Communication, Fault, and Power
  • DIN rail mount or table mount
  • Easily daisy chain multiple units
  • Sealevel SeaMAX software supports Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Includes 7' CAT5 Ethernet cable (Item# CA246) and 7' CAT5 Crossover cable (Item# CA251)

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