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Module RS-485 (Modbus RTU) with 8 analog inputs of 16-bit (+/- 5, +/- 15), 8 isolated inputs (5-30Vdc) and 8 outputs to relay type C. Power supply 9 ~ 30Vdc, mounting in DIN rail or board, Compatible with Windows and Linux. Expandable I / O up to 246

The SeaI/O-570M, designed using the Linear Technology LTC1867 A/D chip, provides eight single-ended 16-bit analog inputs, eight optically isolated inputs and eight Form C relay outputs.
The A/D inputs are independently software selectable for +/- 5V or +/- 15V ranges and feature high input impedance, allowing easy connection to a variety of sensors. The A/D inputs support floating/non-referenced or ground referenced selections. This makes the A/D inputs ideal for measuring floating signal sources such as outputs of transformers, thermistors, and battery-powered devices. Additionally, the A/D inputs can operate in bipolar or unipolar modes, and a dipswitch enables a bias voltage of +5 through a 10K resistor for thermistor input mode.
The SeaI/O-570M module features eight optically isolated inputs rated for 5-30VDC and provides 3500 VDC external isolation, while the Form C relays are configurable as normally-open or normally-closed and can switch DC loads up to 24W. Perfect for a variety of data acquisition/control and test & measurement applications, the SeaI/O-570M includes removable terminal blocks, which simplify field-wiring connections.

The SeaI/O-570M is powered from your 9-30VDC source, or select from a variety of Sealevel power supply options. The modules operate over a wide operating temperature range of -20C to +70C and extended temperature range is optional.
Communicate with the SeaI/O-570M using the Sealevel SeaMAX API software libraries or use any Modbus RTU compliant device. Sealevel’s SeaMAX software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.
Expand your I/O network with SeaI/O N-series products. SeaI/O modules are available with Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, TTL interfaces, A/D and D/A functionality. Up to 246 additional expansion modules can be added using convenient pass-through connectors.

  • RS-485 Modbus RTU interface
  • 8 single-ended 16-bit analog inputs
  • 8 optically isolated inputs
  • 8 Form C relay outputs
  • Removable screw terminals simplify field wiring
  • Input power via terminal block or modular connector
  • DIN rail or table mount
  • Sealevel SeaMAX software supports Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems

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