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Expansion module with 16 isolated inputs (5-30 Vdc) and16 Open-Collector Output (60 Vdc). DIN rail or board mounting, power supply 9-30 Vdc, quick connection to SeaI / O devices via RJ45 connector or removable screw terminals, includes Kit KT122

The SeaI/O-530N adds 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 open-collector outputs to your SeaI/O network. Compatible with all SeaI/O base units (Ethernet, USB, RS-485, RS-232), the SeaI/O-530N connects easily using an RS-485 input. Cabling is accomplished via the units RJ45 connector or removable screw terminals. RS-485 line conditioning allows easy installation of termination and pull-up/pull-down resistors. All SeaI/O N-series expansion modules ship with an expansion and strap kit that includes four metal straps, four #4-40 screws, and a 5? RJ45 RS-485 interconnect cable. The metal straps allow you to connect multiple SeaI/O modules together in a stack. The interconnect cable can be used to connect SeaI/O modules together via the RJ45 pass-through connectors, providing an easy method to cascade RS-485 signals and power from one module to the next. Alternatively, use inexpensive CAT5 cabling to pass data signals between SeaI/O modules to create a distributed network.

  • Conexión rápida a dispositivos SeaI / O mediante un conector RJ45 o terminales de tornillo extraíbles
  • 16 entradas ópticamente aisladas
  • 16 salidas de colector abierto
  • Los terminales de tornillo extraíbles simplifican el cableado de campo
  • Alimentación de entrada a través de bloque de terminales o conector modular.
  • Montaje en riel DIN o mesa opcional
  • Incluye kit de expansión y correa.

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