Controllino Mini PLC Compatible with Arduino 100-000-00


Price: $160.92

Part number:100-000-00
Controllino Mini PLC Compatible with Arduino; 4DI/AI, 2 AI, 2DI, 10DO (3PWM) to 2A, 6 Relay outputs (in parallel to DO); TTL, I²C, SPI interface; RTC; 12/24Vdc power supply; 5Vdc Pin Headers

The MINI is the smallest device in the CONTROLLINO family. This has an adequate number of inputs and outputs (8 each). The incredible size / I / O ratio makes the MINI one of the most compact and versatile PLCs on the market.
The inputs of this device allow the measurement and recording of analog voltage values, through the internal ADC of its microcontroller, which has a resolution of 10 bits and delivers values from 0 to 1023. Likewise, its outputs have the pulse width modulation function. All PLC inputs are protected against electrostatic discharge and high voltage (ESD protection).
This device is compatible with the IDE of Arduino, Visuino, Atmel Studio, among others.

  • Processor: ATmega328P, 20MHz
  • Analog / digital inputs: 6 (2x analog only)
  • Inputs: 2x digital, 2x interrupt.
  • Outputs: 8x digital (3x PWM, 2A), 6x relay (parallel to digital outputs).
  • Interface: 1x TTL serial, 1x I2C, 1x SPI, USB 2.0 (programming only).
  • Supply voltage: 12 or 24VDC
  • Features: RTC (Real Time Clock), 5v pin header.

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